Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arranged marriege Vs Love marriage

Arranged marriage:
1. Tailor made husband(tall, sweet, no body hair, dark, not a s/w guy, no glasses,caring , not mom's boy, shouldn't have a sis, shopaholic, filthy rich, good in b*% n wot not....!!)

2. Parents n "well wishers" do the sweating to find the right guy while the girl gets to sit back, relax and jus make demands.

3. Lotsa pics of guys to look at and drool upon. licensed drooling indeed!! aaaaahhhh bliss!!! (sigh!)

4. Lotsa things to discuss with girlfriends and giggle about ( moi: "babes the guy who came yest gosh!! wot a man!!! seriously a hot bod gal" friend: "giggles")

5. coming to the wedding. defly a lot more jewellery and a realllly extravagant wedding ceremony.

6. Parents happy happy.

7. The first night is truly the first night (atleast with each other! :P)

8. The honeymoon is bound to be an expensive affair. filled with licensed flirting with a man tailor made to suit my issshtyle and ofcourse with other unspeakable things ;)!!!

9. Parents pleased to boast about the perfect son in law that they chose for their girl.

10. in laws not good enough? jus call dad n wail a bit then.... super dad to the rescue!!! flying to the in laws' place skinning them all with words of iron.

11. Last but not least, infact the best, SOME amount of non stop eating (feasting) at all the relatives' homes, being treated like royalty. icing on the cake nobody criticizes a bloating body. attributing it to marital bliss!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bliss indeed :)

Love Marriage :
1. Rule no.1 accept the guy as he is ( love handles, paunches, tantrums, quirky habits et al!!! uggghhh!!!)

2. the gal hunts......hunts.........n..... hunts to land up with the right guy!!! hard work indeed. phew!!

3. No license to drool at anyone but "The man".( heard the saying that goes" variety is the spice of life"?)

4. frens really get bugged of listening to lovers' conquests so one better keep her gob shut about the relationship n stop boring her frnes, especially the single ones!

5. wedding ceremony?? wot wedding ceremony? oh the one at that old government office in front of an old bloke and a few frens! or the slightly more cinematic one at that hill top temple???

6. Parents mostly sad smiley face. :(

7. First night??? :O wot first night??? awwwww u mean the twenty first night (cliche!!) yeah its that boring man!!!!

8. Most probably none. and if any it might be one to a local location to a place like elagiri or somethin! financed ofcourse by the self!

9. Parents in a dilemma as in wot to tell ppl about their "son in law!!!!"

10. in laws not ok?? well adjust for the sake of "ur love" for he cant talk against his mom or his dad!! no parents to the rescue now!!

11. No Feasts at any of the relatives' places baby!!! no feasts at all!!! :(

confusedly yours
sangz :) ;) :O

DISCLAIMER: I do not wish to hurt anybody's feelings, these are strictly my views erupting from experiences. They are only meant for casual reading and the induction of a few smiles :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Castles in the Air

There she sits in that huge flying bird of aluminum, looking out the window the wonderful clouds evoking a hundred emotions some tender some inspirational and yet others unspeakable ...... Floating above the endless sea of clouds bathed in the brilliant light from the desert sun. Leaving this parched land, that of her "family", hoping, praying, her trip to motherland would once again make this strange,dry yet magical city hers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

craziness galore

My idea of craziness... two girls.... good frens... staring a storm in the eye... being pushed around by the wind... savoring the sight of a boiling sea against a dark gloomy background of a foreboding sky!!!! enjoying the needles of rain falling on our backs.. hair going haywire , clothes flying around like they have a mind of their own.... laughing our heads out like drugged people!! absolutely high on salt water and beating wind. writing our names in the flying sand giving the impression of a "snow storm".

The best part having two hopeless jobless guys follow us and intimidating them with an Australian accent!!!! hahahahaha...... crazy world ..... crazier us!!!!!

Love u ranjuuuuuuuuu.........................!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


an eternal sorrow,
an eternal pain,
cluded by self doubt,
wandering in the mist laden woods.
dense white mist everywhere,
the cold,the pain
the silence.
want to escape;but how?
when the mist clears,
when the silence dies,
when i am found dead,
in the woods remember me!
remember me!
lay a flower on my tomb;for
i thought of thy on death,
i thought of thy on death,
i thought of thy on death.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Somebody's Me

You, do you remember me?
Like I remember you?
Do you spend your life
Going back in your mind to that time?
Because I, I walk the streets alone
I hate being on my own
And everyone can see that I really fell
And I'm going through hell
Thinking about you with somebody else

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

How, How could we go wrong
It was so good and now it's gone
And I pray at night that our paths will soon cross
And what we had isn't lost
Cause you're always right here in my thoughts

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

You'll always be in my life
Even if I'm not in your life
Because you're in my memory
You, will you remember me
And before you set me free
Oh listen please

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Early one morning as I was asleep in the cosy shelter, the little cocoon I’d built for myself on my shaggy boat after being exposed to the elements during a storm which stood walls of dark foreboding waters all around threatening to drown me forever in unspoken of depths, strangely I heard an insistent sound like the chirping of a bird. Disturbed I stepped out of my fragile fortress to find the glittering sun in the sky and the sea all around me sparkling like blue diamonds. Then, I spotted him; I spotted a little sparrow, the first sign of life I’d seen in five long months.

Now that I was out the little fella saw me and he made elaborate actions as if beckoning me to follow him, he was so cheerful so in contrast to my dismal surroundings that I was almost magnetically attracted to him. He injected hope and happiness into me although interspersed with large doses of anxiety about where he might lead me….. But listening to my heart, not paying heed to the words of caution my brain uttered I followed him.

Thus began the journey of a year, my heart to the brim with hope & pleasure, my brain constantly warning. I started rowing my boat, following the little birdie, following him blindly on the waves thro the ups and downs he took me on……. Slowly, haltingly at first, but my strokes grew faster & steadier as I gained more confidence in the little fella, his fragile yet sturdy self, his belief in his actions ,the strength in his little body & on the whole in all the pleasure he was giving me…….

But the little fella strong as he was wasn’t entirely independent he used to seek refuge in my tiny shelter during the dark hours and the storms which rocked our world. He needed the warmth and cosiness that I could provide.

Thus, our lives went on, riding the waves and seeking each other. Months had passed since that beautiful day in the beginning but as time passed questions and doubts crept into me, my brain finally overpowering my heart in the turbulent war the two had been waging against each other thro these months. I wondered where the sparrow was taking me, wondered if I’d made the right decision?

Then one day after weeks of growing apprehension, he stopped. The day had dawned bright and windy, a beautiful day indeed. I saw that the sparrow was hovering over the sea at a certain spot. I could sense restlessness in him, impatience about him as he tried telling me something. He was flying back &forth repeatedly from the spot to the boat he seemed to tell me “This is it! This is the spot” but again my apprehensions, the ghosts of my past made me unable to react to him. The lil fella tried and tried till his fragile little wings bled from the exertion, it was as if he knew i’d eventually relent. Then I did!

I rowed my tiny boat to the spot he was indicating in the mighty ocean, and to my astonishment he plunged into the water, wanting me to follow. But I being as cautious as ever was hesitant to follow suit. The poor little sparrow broke the surface gasping for air, pleading with his eyes for me to follow. Unable to resist his plea I jumped into the water. There I saw it just a few strokes away amid the brilliantly coloured coral a handsome gold trunk filled with the most brilliant gems I’d ever laid my eyes upon, the most precious treasure ever. Dazed by the brilliance when I turned to look for my faithful companion, I became witness to a horrendous scene. My sparrow was being noiselessly attacked and swallowed by a giant shark which I figured must’ve been attracted by the blood from his wings.

My eyes filled with tears which threatened to drown the sea, blinding me. I thrashed and I fought the blue monster around me trying to reach the shark and save my sparrow. But… no!!! The deed was done. The real treasure of my life was gone! Gone forever and for good!

Despair filling my heart I felt my whole body go suddenly cold and water filling my mouth and nose ……..there was suddenly light and a strange noise. I opened my eyes it was mom she heard me shouting in my sleep and had come to check…. I’d been having a nightmare!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

From within or not?

A day of utter despair. Mind buzzing with thoughts some beautiful, some haunting, and some depressing. Words playing games with me…. Words which once brought happiness to me, words which now sound all false, all lies coated with sugar.

The first ray of relief from these haunting thoughts was listening to the skanda shashti kavacham, a religious song about the hindu god karthikeyan by the soolamangalam sistas. This song sung by two old ladies with not so beautiful voices and lyrics that are written in a tamil that is long forgotten by most. The song with lyrics that literally go ri ri ri ri ri… moga moga moga moga….digu digu digu digu…. Dungudingukku. A song that sounds like a mixture of greek,latin and Icelandic.

So where does the happiness come from when I listen to this song? Is it because of the bhakti I hold for this god? Na I am not religious, does it stem from the meaning the lyrics impart nope not at all it sounds like the most weird mixture of unknown languages to me. So where does this feel good factor of the song emanate from?

Hmmm… I think it must be my own association of the song with childhood. Memories of my mom’s embrace. My sis on mummy’s lap and me on her back, mom rocking the two of us to the rhythmic beats of this song. Her sweet smell and her soft skin lolling me to sleep. Aaaaaaah wot an euphoric feeling even to be thinking about those beautiful days.

Wish I could rewind back to those days of blissful innocence in mom’s arms. Protected from all the world’s evil under her caring presence. Love u mom…. Miss u! Not only because I am a thousand miles away from u in BNE but because I have grown, grown farther from u and grown in age.

So, moral of the story it is from the within…. From deep within my heart, deep within my well of comforting thoughts.

wot to say n wot not to......

The third of october 2008, my first blog. Prodded on by a mystery woman... one that i met at UQ.

hmmmm... its a routine boring day of my life in BNE. A day in the middle of my mid semester break. more boring than any other. actually im in the mood to get up n do lots n lots of work i dunno wot though!

So here we are the 5 of us sitting together trying to get all the household chores sorted out and allot a person to each of those and i am sitting to the side filling up this page. A Although trying to give some valuable input to the planning :).

Awrite now i need buzz off to the kitchen. Need to cook today's lunch.

signing off with thoughts of yummy food.........