Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Castles in the Air

There she sits in that huge flying bird of aluminum, looking out the window the wonderful clouds evoking a hundred emotions some tender some inspirational and yet others unspeakable ...... Floating above the endless sea of clouds bathed in the brilliant light from the desert sun. Leaving this parched land, that of her "family", hoping, praying, her trip to motherland would once again make this strange,dry yet magical city hers.


  1. Hi there, thank you very much for stopping by my site, I hope to see u back soon! :):):)

  2. Hi………
    Absolutely fantastic post! Good job dear!
    Great! Keep writing…….
    Good week……… Welcome to my blog…….

  3. very nice..thought provoking post on the love of motherland.

    By the way, am relatively new to the blogging world too. I liked your blog. am blogrolling you:)

  4. @femin: hey thanks a ton femin :)
    @mithe : hey thank u gal!!! i lovved ur poems very cute very innocent n thought provoking :) btw this particular piece is not about motherland :)but those words hold true "to each his own" in every aspect of life!!!
    @dave thanks a ton dave :)

  5. I Understood your blog sangz. Pour out some more of your emotions. Nice one dear!

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  7. Very nice one. Subtly emotive piece. Keep going.

    Cheers & Love,