Saturday, October 4, 2008

wot to say n wot not to......

The third of october 2008, my first blog. Prodded on by a mystery woman... one that i met at UQ.

hmmmm... its a routine boring day of my life in BNE. A day in the middle of my mid semester break. more boring than any other. actually im in the mood to get up n do lots n lots of work i dunno wot though!

So here we are the 5 of us sitting together trying to get all the household chores sorted out and allot a person to each of those and i am sitting to the side filling up this page. A Although trying to give some valuable input to the planning :).

Awrite now i need buzz off to the kitchen. Need to cook today's lunch.

signing off with thoughts of yummy food.........


  1. Well your blog is good and amazing
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  2. Hey , hoping u aint been influenced by some alien or psi factor to start bloggin ehh :P

    happy blogging