Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arranged marriege Vs Love marriage

Arranged marriage:
1. Tailor made husband(tall, sweet, no body hair, dark, not a s/w guy, no glasses,caring , not mom's boy, shouldn't have a sis, shopaholic, filthy rich, good in b*% n wot not....!!)

2. Parents n "well wishers" do the sweating to find the right guy while the girl gets to sit back, relax and jus make demands.

3. Lotsa pics of guys to look at and drool upon. licensed drooling indeed!! aaaaahhhh bliss!!! (sigh!)

4. Lotsa things to discuss with girlfriends and giggle about ( moi: "babes the guy who came yest gosh!! wot a man!!! seriously a hot bod gal" friend: "giggles")

5. coming to the wedding. defly a lot more jewellery and a realllly extravagant wedding ceremony.

6. Parents happy happy.

7. The first night is truly the first night (atleast with each other! :P)

8. The honeymoon is bound to be an expensive affair. filled with licensed flirting with a man tailor made to suit my issshtyle and ofcourse with other unspeakable things ;)!!!

9. Parents pleased to boast about the perfect son in law that they chose for their girl.

10. in laws not good enough? jus call dad n wail a bit then.... super dad to the rescue!!! flying to the in laws' place skinning them all with words of iron.

11. Last but not least, infact the best, SOME amount of non stop eating (feasting) at all the relatives' homes, being treated like royalty. icing on the cake nobody criticizes a bloating body. attributing it to marital bliss!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Bliss indeed :)

Love Marriage :
1. Rule no.1 accept the guy as he is ( love handles, paunches, tantrums, quirky habits et al!!! uggghhh!!!)

2. the gal hunts......hunts.........n..... hunts to land up with the right guy!!! hard work indeed. phew!!

3. No license to drool at anyone but "The man".( heard the saying that goes" variety is the spice of life"?)

4. frens really get bugged of listening to lovers' conquests so one better keep her gob shut about the relationship n stop boring her frnes, especially the single ones!

5. wedding ceremony?? wot wedding ceremony? oh the one at that old government office in front of an old bloke and a few frens! or the slightly more cinematic one at that hill top temple???

6. Parents mostly sad smiley face. :(

7. First night??? :O wot first night??? awwwww u mean the twenty first night (cliche!!) yeah its that boring man!!!!

8. Most probably none. and if any it might be one to a local location to a place like elagiri or somethin! financed ofcourse by the self!

9. Parents in a dilemma as in wot to tell ppl about their "son in law!!!!"

10. in laws not ok?? well adjust for the sake of "ur love" for he cant talk against his mom or his dad!! no parents to the rescue now!!

11. No Feasts at any of the relatives' places baby!!! no feasts at all!!! :(

confusedly yours
sangz :) ;) :O

DISCLAIMER: I do not wish to hurt anybody's feelings, these are strictly my views erupting from experiences. They are only meant for casual reading and the induction of a few smiles :)